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POURS STUDIOS is a label for avant-garde rainwear, which combines waterproof functionality with a high-quality design in a unique way.

Pours studios wants to redefine the rainwear market and offer alternatives to classic outdoor clothing or trench coats.
The collection can not only be worn in the rain. They are perfect for everyday wear and are not only functional outdoors, but also indoors. Thanks to the smooth and wipeable surface, the pieces are very easy to keep clean.


POURS STUDIOS uses polyurethane-coated fabrics that guarantee very high water resistance.

The fabric has a high stability due to a weight of 270g/m and is very comfortable to wear because of its elasticity.

Since the material is also used for fake leather, the feeling of wearing POURS STUDIOS is comparable.

The seams are sealed by special seam tapes and gluing techniques, so that no water can leak through.

As Pours Studios is still a young label with small production quantities, we are very limited in our choice of materials. For the future, we are working on sourcing materials with better environmental conditions to do our part for a more conscious world.



POURS STUDIOS produces exclusively in Germany. The garments are made in small quantities in the company's own atelier and local tailors. This avoids overproduction and long transport routes and ensures an excellent quality of workmanship.

POURS STUDIOS has made a conscious decision not to produce abroad (also in other EU countries), as the label wants to support the fair payment of seamstresses. We are happy to pay the seamstresses who support us in the production adequately and thus above the minimum wage.


We aim to offer a very high-quality, functional and well thought-out design and therefore we have a long and complex design process. New approaches to water resistance and material processing are constantly being sought and implemented. The choice of material is also an ongoing process at POURS STUDIOS.

POURS STUDIOS uses materials that enable a high-quality design and are therefore often in the higher-priced segment. In addition to materials such as fabrics, buttons, etc., we use seam sealing tapes and adhesive techniques, which are applied to the inner seams of each garment by the tailors.

All POURS STUDIOS garments are produced in small quantities by tailors in Germany. It is very important to us that the tailors are paid a fair hourly wage by us.