POURS STUDIOS is a label for avant-garde rainwear. 

The classic garments with their modern tailoring are made of 100% waterproof material.

The waterproof functionality is combined with a high-quality design in a unique way.


POURS STUDIOS produces exclusively in Germany. The garments are made in small quantities in the company's own atelier and local tailors. This avoids overproduction and long transport routes and ensures an excellent quality of workmanship.

POURS STUDIOS has made a conscious decision not to produce abroad (also in other EU countries), as the label wants to support the fair payment of seamstresses. We are happy to pay the seamstresses who support us in the production adequately and thus above the minimum wage.



POURS STUDIOS uses polyurethane-coated fabrics that guarantee very high water resistance.

The fabric has a high stability due to a weight of 270g/m and is very comfortable to wear because of its elasticity.

The seams are sealed by special seam tapes and gluing techniques, so that no water can leak through.

For the future, POURS STUDIOS has set itself the goal of using more recycled materials.


The founder of POURS STUDIOS studied fashion design and was able to gain experience in design, as well as in pattern construction and production at McQ by Alexander McQueen, and at Vivienne Westwood "Gold Label" (today: Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood).

She designed and developed all the POURS STUDIOS designs herself.